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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

What Darwin couldn’t know

Nowadays people do not bring the terms “evolution” and “theory” together – the evolution of all forms of life over a period of billions of years by chance is taken for granted. Werner Gitt will prove in this tract that it is not true. He shows the debility of this theory with the help of some concrete examples. He also spells out the general argument of the unknown origin of all information, which leads to the declaration of DEATH for the theory of evolution.

In a timely fashion, at the beginning of the bicentenary of Darwin's birth in 2009, a double-paged article with the title: ‘Thank you Darwin! […]’ was published in the German Newspaper “Die Zeit” on December 31st 2008. It is to our shame that the prevalent thinking in our world has influenced us not to give praise to the real Creator of all things by writing an editorial page entitled “Thank you, Jesus!”

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