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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

The fundamental question searching people are asking will be answered here by Werner Gitt. In the preface it is already stated that only few people are truly seeking to get to heaven. But there are some people who, when confronted with this question, believe like Zacchaeus in the Bible. “How can I get to heaven?” In no way by any effort and conception of one’s own!

“But what does really get us to heaven?” God has already distributed the invitations for heaven like in the parable of the man who was preparing a great feast, but all alike began to make excuses. Werner Gitt asks us not to just react like those “shortsighted” men. Jesus wants to save us from hell and this can never be compared with the so-called “hell of Ausschwitz”. HE has already paid on the cross for our sins. We only need to accept His invitation, and then the place in heaven is “booked”. A prayer printed in the tract should help readers to find their own way of decision.


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