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Logo BBN BBN Bibelinstitut (an Institute of the Bible)
Learn the Bible online!
Logo Christlicher Audiodienst Christlicher Audio-Dienst (a Christian Audio Service)
The “Christian Audio Service” records several Christian lectures. You can
order audio CDs or DVDs of several lecturers.
Logo Missionswerk DIE BRUDERHAND Missionswerk Bruderhand e.V. (a Mission Organisation)
Priorities: evangelisation, mission, mission books and conferences.
Logo DCTB Deutscher Christlicher Techniker-Bund (DCTB) e.V. (a German Association of Christians with technical background)
The DCTB is a Union of Christians in technical professions from all walks of life.
Logo factum factum-online
The Swiss Magazine FACTUM ONLINE offers topics relating to human interest, nature and faith.
Logo Gemeindenetzwerk Gemeindenetzwerk (a church network)
The “Church Network” is a Bible- and denomination-oriented alliance of churches, communities, associations and church members representative of the protestant churches of Germany.
Logo Gemeindehilfsbund Gemeindehilfsbund (an aid organisation for protestant churches)
A nationwide active non-commercial association of protestant Christians, offering, as part of our services, pastoral aid and biblical–theological orientation.
Logo Genesisnet genesisnet
The Genesisnet website presents arguments for and against creation and evolution, thereby equipping readers to formulate their own objective, informed conclusions.
Logo Wort und Wisen Studiengemeinschaft Wort und Wissen (Study Community “Word and Knowledge”)
The Study Community “Word and Knowledge” is a scientific, non-commercial association. Their priorities are basic research and education in the specialised field of Science and Christianity.
Logo CLV Christliche Literatur-Verbreitung
A highly regarded publishing company for Christian literature.