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Videos of Werner Gitt - Werner Gitt

Werner Gitt

Origin of Life from the viewpoint of Information

Many people assume that life on earth originated from evolution and believe that this has been scientifically proven. Based on the natural laws of information, Prof. Dr. Werner presents six conclusions that clearly preclude the possibility of life arising through evolution.

Werner Gitt

Jesus beyond space and time

In this lecture Dr. Prof. Werner Gitt shows the understanding of relation from the invisible to visible world through a scientific perspective. He explains what event horizons and dimensions are and what they mean to our perception of reality or miracles. He shows who is the master of space and time.

Werner Gitt

In The Beginning Was Information

All living organisms require information to function. If we want to make meaningful statements about the origin of life, then we first have to explain what information is and how it came about. The materialistic representations of information are criticised, and a new model for the origin of life is derived.