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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Heaven – Your Eternal Home?

The Creator has put the idea of ​​eternity into the hearts of all of us. Each of us knows that death is not the end of our life. That is why all people groups on earth have developed ideas about life after death.

However, we do not want to follow mere ideas, but the truth. No founder of religion could say of himself: "I am the truth!" Because none of them came from the other world. Jesus was the only one who came out of heaven, became man, died a bitter death on the cross,for our transgressions, rose from the dead on the third day and returned to heaven. Only He could make this extraordinary claim: "I am the way, the truth and the (eternal) life; no one comes to the Father but through me" (John 14: 6). He tells us:

  • He is the truth in person.
  • He himself is the source of life.
  • He alone is the way into the Father's (God’s) house.

This book wants to encourage you to follow this Jesus. Then you will have found the one who loves you boundlessly and wants to give you the kingdom of heaven.

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92 Pages, Taschenbuch, Order No. 548371
ISBN: 9783869543710

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