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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Jesus - Lord of Space and Time

In our time, marked by philosophical materialism, we have become ensnared by the thinking that only that which can be derived from the material—matter and energy—can exist. Werner Gitt explains in this article that we cannot overcome the event horizon of awareness in and of ourselves, but with God it is possible.

Those who read the Bible attentively come across statements that are difficult to understand for us in the 21st century despite all modern scientific knowledge. We read in the Psalms how God surrounds and permeates all aspects of our physical environment. Werner Gitt explains that God is not bound by our three-dimensional world. The Bible points to higher dimensions, as does mathematics. This tract provides insight into some of the supernatural events in Scripture. It also shows us that God invites us to come to Him, and that the one who believes in Jesus has eternal life.

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