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Tracts in Persian


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Arabic: Crib, Cross and Crown

گهواره، صلیب و تاج

8 Pages, Order No. 122-36

Dieses Traktat steht derzeit nur als Download zur Verfügung. Ab einer Bestellmenge von 1.000 Stück geben wir es für Sie gern in den Druck. Bitte wenden Sie sich an uns! / This tract is currently only available as a download. But we will gladly go to print for an order of 1,000 or more. Please contact us!


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: Delusion or reality? The resurrection of Jesus Christ

تخیل یا واقعیت - قیام عیسی مسیح

10 Pages, Order No. 137-36, Printing and shipping costs


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: How can I get to heaven?

چگونه به بهشت راه می یابیم؟

8 Pages, Order No. 120-36, Printing and shipping costs


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: Is Jesus really necessary?

10 Pages, Order No. 134-36, Printing and shipping costs


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: One-way Journey

سفر بدون بازگشت

10 Pages, Order No. 127-36, Printing and shipping costs


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: The Greatest Invitation

10 Pages, Order No. 128-36, Printing and shipping costs


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Persian: Why is there so much Sorrow?

10 Pages, Order No. 132-36, Printing and shipping costs