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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Kian rilaton Corona havas kun Dio?

Never before has an illness brought the whole world to its knees as in the northern spring of 2020, when the coronavirus brought public life to a standstill.

The shutdown was ordered, events were cancelled, universities, schools and day-care centres were closed. Football games took place in front of empty ranks. Worship services were forbidden—something unheard of even in wartime.

We search for an explanation for this pandemic. Who will give it to us?

10 Pages, Order No. 143-35

Dieses Traktat steht derzeit nur als Download zur Verfügung. Ab einer Bestellmenge von 1.000 Stück geben wir es für Sie gern in den Druck. Bitte wenden Sie sich an uns! / This tract is currently only available as a download. But we will gladly go to print for an order of 1,000 or more. Please contact us!