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Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Żłobek, Krzyż i Korona

Werner Gitt interprets God´s salvation plan – beginning with the birth of Jesus (crib), then his death (cross) and through to his resurrection and eternal glory (crown).

God gave a remedy for this “primeval catastrophe”, the fall of man. As prophesied in the Bible, God sent his Son into the world. Never before has the world seen God, except at the first Christmas.

Hence the cross became an offence for critics – they don´t understand how “an instrument for execution” can ever be the centre of faith (or a creed). But Werner Gitt sees the criticism as evidence that man has totally lost any awareness of sin. There was no other way of saving the world because of the unsurpassable abyss that separates God from man because of sin.

When Jesus returns to Earth someday, everybody will acclaim Him as King and mankind will be divided into two groups: the castaways and those who will be accepted. Which of these groups you are in will depend on your response. There is a sample prayer in the tract for anybody who wants to accept Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

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