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Yildiz, Jasmin

I wasn´t told the half of it

The journey of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon
Preface and afterword by Werner Gitt

A particularly fascinating story of the Old Testament is the journey of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Here we find two extraordinary personalities of the human history together.

The king Salomon takes pleasure in the eyes of God and therefore He blesses him so much that he becomes the wisest of all men. The Pagan Queen, distinguished by their skepticism about the traditional values, traditions and rituals of their homeland, invests all her attention, mind and energy in order to fathom the wisdom.

176 Pages, Taschenbuch, Order No. 548189
ISBN: 9783869541891

€ 3,95
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Jasmin Yildiz has managed to bundle all the crucial Messiah references from the Old Testament and present them vividly in exciting dialogues between Solomon and the Queen. There is only one person in the entire history of the world that has precisely predicted details of a person's life and behavior. That One is Jesus Christ, to whom everything that was prophesied about the Messiah in the Old Testament applies.

The book is an excellent tool to convince skeptics and inquirers of the truth of the Bible and to show seekers the way to the Savior Jesus.

Werner Gitt