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Books in Swedish


Prof. Dr. Werner Gitt

Portuguese: Heaven – Your Eternal Home?

Himlen ett hem också för dig?

92 Pages, Taschenbuch, Order No. 548528, bulk prices

€ 2,90
7% VAT included, shipping rates


Yildiz, Jasmin

Swedish: I wasn´t told the half of it

Inte ens hälften har berättats för mig

Foreword and epilogue by Werner Gitt
A particularly fascinating story in the Old Testament is that of the journey of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon. Two extraordinary personalities from human history meet here.

174 Pages, Taschenbuch, Order No. 548294

€ 3,95
7% VAT included, shipping rates


Werner Gitt

Swedish: If Animals could talk

Om djur kunde tala...

122 Pages, Gebunden, Order No. 92015

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