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Werner Gitt

Noah´s Ark was without doubt one of the most fascinating ships ever built. So it's no wonder, then, that questions abound about this "most peculiar ship in history". From where did Noah (a Nomad) get all the detailed technical information and exact nautical specifications necessary to build such a ship?

Would it meet the criteria for an ocean-going vessel, capable of braving the elements in such turbulent conditions and for such a prolonged time?

Scientist and engineer Prof. Dr Gitt focuses our attention on significant aspects of the vessel's seaworthiness, and the requirements for its construction materials.

The author reviews all the measurements and specifications of the ship mentioned in the Bible in light of the latest calculation methods for ship-building. According to his calculations, Noah´s Ark complies with all the fundamental structural requirements for modern ships.


50 Pages, Heft, Order No. 100700

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